Thursday, April 26

Colour Palette

Somewhere on the east coast of the South Island is the most beautiful beach I've ever seen. With aqua blue water that softens into a royal blue horizon, fluffy white foam, and black sand. 

Friday, April 20

Sunny Afternoon

Friday afternoon tune - Sunny Afternoon by The Kinks

Monday, April 16


Thinking about Autumn fruits. Does anyone have any good persimmon recipes? 
Plate from Douglas + Bec

All the pretty things

Zoe & Morgan make beautiful jewellery. Last week I visited Zoe in studio and talked Paris, Twin Peaks themed cafes and favourite pieces. These are mine..

Friday, April 13

Sunday, April 8

The Bach


 There is something about hiring a bach and getting out of town for a couple of days. I love these strange spaces that most of the time sit uninhabited. The mismatching decor, the stale smell when you first open the door, the collections of VHS tapes and toys hiding in the cupboards, and the sense of anticipation for your holiday.

Tuesday, April 3


Serve french toast with figs, goats cheese, honey and good company

Monday, April 2

I get by with a little help from my friends

Just taking a little moment to appreciate all the special people in my life. Maybe I'll introduce you.